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Handpoured Jesmonite tealight candle holder.

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✨What is Jesmonite?

What is it?

🪨 An eco-friendly and safe alternative to resin, plaster or concrete; made from a combination of gypsum (a mineral created from sedimentary rock), and water-based acrylic resin.

Why do I love it?

🪄Durability – in it’s final form, Jesmonite is extremely strong and very difficult to break 💪🏻

🪄Sustainability – Jesmonite is considered sustainable green material & since it is water-based, not solvent-based, kinder to the environment. 🌎

🪄Safety – fire resistant, water repellent, & it doesn’t emit toxic fumes (VOCs) when used 🚫

Jesmonite Raven Skull Tealight Holder

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C$30.00Sale Price
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